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Alright, emotions; you've really fucked up this time.

I officially hate having feelings for my ex, even though I love the fucking hell out of him and I know he feels the same.
It isn't cool that I don't get to see him enough... but, when probation is over (November 11th), I may just move in with him. He's old enough to get his own apartment, which he'll be doing soon. I explained what happened with my parents, and he said that I'm welcome any time for as long as need be. I also told him I'd find a job and help out with rent. I don't expect to live rent-free anywhere. But it makes me feel good to know that I have a place I can go when my parents tell me to get out. Or, in this case, "As soon as your probation is over.. you're OUT." We're both in generally bad situations with our parents. Somehow, even though you'd think it would make us both stressed and pissed and in too much of a bad mood to be around someone else who is pissed off... it doesn't. We understand each other, and it's cool that I can talk to someone who knows what I'm saying. I like the fact that, even though we broke up, we'd still do anything for each other and we're still there for each other through thick and thin.

I like the fact that I can have a strictly platonic (for the time being) relationship with my ex. He makes shit so easy. No pressure, no "friends-with-benefits" kind of thing expected, no expectations of anything MORE than a platonic relationship. It makes things easier to deal with, really.

I think I'm going to go visit him as soon as possible. We haven't hung out in God knows how long, and I really do miss the kid a lot.

But, goddamnit emotions; STOP MAKING THINGS SO COMPLICATED! Bastards. And thank you Chris, for making things so uncomplicated at the same time :D
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So.. NYC was AWESOME. I ended up staying at my ex's house, though. Haha. I had a really good time, so I can't complain. Anyway, like I said...

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So, not many pics, but I was too lazy to keep digging my camera out when it was under everything in my purse. We also went to Union Square, walked around the East Village, went to 99x [where I got a Liverpool scarf, I might add!] and just hung out. I love NYC so much. I wish I got to see some certain other people, though.
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I finally got my tongue pierced yesterday.

And tomorrow, I'm going to NYC :D I'm so excited. I love that place. We're getting like the 8am bus up there and then the 7 or 8pm bus back. Should be a shitload of fun.
I'm sure there will be tons of pictures, so.. expect them on Sunday.
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Well, it's time to pick classes for homeschool again. I'm not really sure what I'm going to take yet, but I was thinking

AP English: Language & Composition
Honors Global Studies
AP European History
Consumer Math
Honors Anatomy & Physiology
Graphic Design & Illustration
German II

Goddamn me for being an overachiever.
I still have to meet with the lady that does the homeschooling stuff, but I'm sure everything will be ok'd because I have such good grades that all my teachers wanted me to take AP classes this year. It definitely can't hurt when applying to colleges, and it's really not much of a struggle at all for me (I took one AP class last year in addition to honors courses), so it's not like I'd be overloaded with work.
To be honest though, I'm actually excited about taking AP European History. AN ENTIRE YEAR OF EUROPEAN HISTORY!
Hahaha... I'm a nerd.
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I get my license in exactly 4 months.

I just thought you all should know ;)
And you should probably watch out when on the road in exactly 4 months. Haha, just kidding. I'm a pretty good driver.

PS- MusikFest blew. I didn't get to see Jake or Ian, and it was just... boring :\
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Alright, so...

Well, I work 4-close tomorrow. Close is 10, but I have to stay until 10:30 to clean up the store, etc. I have off Saturday, and then I work 4-close on Sunday again. I'm not sure what days next week I have to work... I think it's Thursday 8am-4pm, but I don't know if there's days other than that. I'll find out tomorrow. Wish I didn't have to close on a Friday night, but hell, if I just get training out of the way I'll be happy.. and besides, I need the money. I'm gonna try to work 5 days per week (Mon-Thurs and Sunday, hopefully?!) for 8 hours a day. So, that's 40 hours a week, which should even out to about $580 every other week before taxes if I'm making $7.25 an hour. Although, a coworker told me she makes $7.50 an hour and she's only been there for 3 weeks, so.. we'll see. My mom said I'm gonna get something probably under $75 taken out of each paycheck for taxes and all, which isn't too bad really. She makes much more than I do in two weeks, and she only gets $75 taken out so we'll see.

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So, as I'm sitting here smoking, I start thinking that I should quit these things. They're good, and they calm me down when I'm stressed, but they're not good for me physically. To top it off, I've got asthma. YES! What an awesome combination. I'm such an ass, though. I run with a cigarette in my mouth. So, while I'm losing a little bit of weight, I'm also impairing my lungs moreso than they already are.
I probably won't quit, even though I know I should. Same with drinking though. Oh well.

To be honest, I have nothing to write.. other than the fact that painting pottery was loads of fun today.
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First day of work was pretty good. I met some of the people I'll be working with most of the time, and 6 hours flew by (other than watching training shit on a computer for two fucking hours straight). My manager didn't tell me whether or not I had to work today, so I called them last night. Apparently, they "throw you on the schedule" if you're training. Yeah, uh, thing is.. I DON'T DRIVE. So good luck if I can't get a ride from my mom or something.
Anyways, today I'm going to Ambler with Christina and Emma and Mary Joe to paint pottery. At least I think she said Emma & Mary Joe were going.. I'm not sure. Should be fun though.

On Saturday I get to see Jake :D I'm super happy. I think this is the first guy that my family AND friends have both loved, haha. Him and my dad seem to get along really well, and my mom loves how "polite" and how much of a "gentleman" he is. Not to mention they both love how protective he is of me. It's nice, being able to bring a guy around and not have my parents dislike him.

My best friend just called me and screamed, "WAKE UP!!! I'm bringing you donuts and coffee from Dunkin Donuts!" Haha. That rules so much. I love that girl.
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I would really appreciate it if whoever is leaving messages on my voicemail, as well as my best friend's voicemail, would fucking stop it.

I woke up to one missed call and "one new voicemail" on my cell. So, I call my voicemail. I hear this:
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And the song kept going. I know what song it is, and I think I know who it's from.. I'm just not 100% sure.

On my friend's phone was this voicemail:
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I don't understand any of it. At all. Not to sound racist or anything, but I have never dated outside my race. I also don't have blonde hair OR blue eyes.
Whatever. I have a feeling it's my ex (my friend knows him as well).

Regardless of who it is, harassment is childish and I'm not going to tolerate it. If this shit keeps up, I won't hesitate to call the cops and have them bust your ass for it.
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